How We Make Authentic Sourdough Pizzas

at Peaceful Side Social Brewery + Craft Kitchen 


At Peaceful Side Social Brewery + Craft Kitchen we use traditional methods to make all of our Artisan Roundbread Pizzas, from start to finish! Continue reading to learn about our pizza making process…



We start out with a special live sourdough starter from our kitchen at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro. It’s hungry! We need to feed it before we can make dough. In case you didn’t know, sourdough starter is a living organism – read more to see how big it grew!  

After two hours:

Chicken and Fries

After three hours: 

Fig and Pear

After four hours: 

Now we’re ready to make the dough! We measure and blend our proprietary mix of wheat and semolina flours, add salt, hot water, and the live (and fed) sourdough starter. Then we put all the ingredients into our giant professional kitchen mixer 



Salad Bowl

After the sourdough is mixed thoroughly, we separate the dough into parts, and place them into the refrigerator to rise for 48 hours. Once the dough has risen, one of our dough experts creates dough balls for individual preparation. This is the part when we put the secret ingredient into the dough…LOVE! 

Someone just ordered a Three Meat Roundbread! We have to knead and toss the dough, then shape it into a 12 inch size pie before the toppings can go on top.

We only use fresh ingredients to make all of our Roundbread Pizzas. Our Three Meat Roundbread is made with delicious Benton’s Country Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Mozzarella Cheese and Authentic San Marzano Tomato sauce 

Baking pizza in a stone hearth oven is an art that requires careful attention. The pizza must be shifted and rotated several times throughout the baking process so it can cook evenly. It seems like a lot of work, but we promise it’s worth it. Keep reading to see the final result! 

Look at that delicious pie! Making artisan pizza is a process, as you can see, but it’s one we do with passion. Next time you visit Peaceful Side Social Brewery + Craft Kitchen, try one or all six of our Roundbread Pizzas! You won’t regret it. Cheers!