If you have ever visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then you know the abundance of natural beauty that abounds. This is a place where a rich variety of plant and wildlife species thrive, and pristine waters flow. At Peaceful Side Social Brewery + Craft Kitchen, we make it part of our purpose to foster the preservation and protection of our natural environment, and be good stewards in the partnership we share with nature. Sip + Savor + Support is an initiative we founded to instill this purpose within our community, and to give the opportunity for our guests to give back. This month we are highlighting the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. Keep reading to learn more about how we are involved with GSMIT and why!


Last year, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park welcomed over 14 million visitors, and every year that number increases as more people start to enjoy the great outdoors. In Townsend, TN, we are home to the most visited National Park in the United States, and with the increase in heavy traffic, we are beginning to see changes to our habitat. We feel it’s important to protect our environment more than ever, and that is why we support Tremont Institute’s efforts to educate visitors about how to enjoy our natural environment responsibly. Sip + Savor + Support creates the funds to help organizations like Tremont Institute provide resources, camps, workshops and build infrastructures to enhance our community and environment.





The experience of nature is better than any souvenir you can buy while on your vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are opportunities for adults to continue their lifetime of learning and exploration at Tremont Institute by taking advantage of their programs, camps and workshops. For example, try the Community Science Program if you want to research and explore wildlife habitats, plant species, learn about phenology (natures time clock), and so much more!



The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a treasure to experience with your family. You can register now for Smoky Mountain Family Camp, one of Tremont Institutes best family adventures. Make memories together and let your imaginations take over in nature for a full week of instruction, food, and dorm room lodging inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This camp takes place July 11 – 16th in summer of 2022!



Enjoy a revitalizing long weekend of nature photography at Tremont Institute during the Spring or Fall, and learn how to capture your own quality photos in the Adult Photography Workshop.


If you love nature and want to increase your knowledge and skills, then you can become a Certified Naturalist through Tremont Institute’s Naturalist program. Upon completion of the core courses, you receive the non-credit Southern Appalachian Naturalist Certificate from the University of Tennessee





Tremont Institute has many resources for Educators and their students. Teachers can enjoy a Weekend Escape with Tremont and recharge in nature to reset their perspectives, and go back to the classroom with more intention. There are many opportunities for field trips and learning excursions for students, and they will love to hear about the adventures that await them. Visit Tremont Institute to learn how to get your classroom involved




Peaceful Side Social Brewery + Craft Kitchen wants to make an impact by encouraging our guests to round up their change and give back to local 501 3c nonprofits like Tremont that use the funds to benefit the community, families and children, and people, plants and animals of all ages and backgrounds. Join us for Community Day with Tremont Institute on Sunday, March 27th at Peaceful Side Social to play nature games, learn more about programs, and fill your belly with a delicious fresh-casual meal… Just please make sure you say, “Yes!” when you’re asked to round up your total for Sip + Savor + Support! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on future partnerships with our Sip + Savor + Support initiative by going to our website peacefulsidesocial.com.

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